Solt Clothing offers customized, tailor-made products. As such, those products cannot be resold. Therefore, we do not provide full returns. We do, however, offer a full exchange service if the delivered product doesn’t match the ordered styling specifications (color, fabric, etc.). The company reserves the right to decide to request the return of product(s) and provide a return label, if necessary. Solt Clothing cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the submitted measurements. The return of a product based on fabric or styling preference is not possible.

Each customer shopping with Solt Clothing is covered by the Perfect Fit Guarantee. The guarantee is offered once per each product type (t-shirt, dress shirt, etc.) and can be only used once in the same product category. Should the garment’s fit not meet the customer’s expectations, we shall adjust the measurements and issue a replacement free of charge. Any potential subsequent replacements of the same product type are at the sole discretion of the company. In case a customer already has used the guarantee once for a specific type of product yet wishes to make further adjustments to the size, they are encouraged to contact our customer support for fit/ sizing advice. Nonetheless, if after going through with the Perfect Fit Guarantee, the customer decides to make further alterations in the size due to changes in the body dimensions, size or style preferences, the customer will not be eligible to use the Perfect Fit Guarantee again.

In order to be eligible for a replacement, the customer shall contact our customer support within 14 days of receiving the garment and follow the instructions listed on the customer’s profile under the tab Guarantee. The customer may be asked to measure the received garment and share that information with our support team.

In case a garment has been produced with a fabrication defect or with large deviations (more than 1.5cm per measurement), we will, by agreement with the customer, replace the garment. The customer will be asked to measure the received garment and send photos of it showing the defect/deviations. The customer shall reach out to the customer support team within 2 months of receiving their order.

Solt Clothing will not accept return claims on the basis of sweat stains or discoloration.

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